uhhuh Be Easy On Yourself
Every day, in fifty million ways
I like to play with each cell of your brain

Hello, I am Jay! I’m a polysexual androgyne (they/them/their pronouns), a CGT student, a capricorn, an INFP, a video game and comic book addict, a writer, an artist, a photographer, an audiophile, a gearhead, and, most boringly, a part-time cashier.

All the sudden I’m super psyched for NaNoWriMo? I have no idea why. Normally this is when I start freaking out about how close it is.

Old sketch I’m using as a temporary sig on the nano forums.


i made these posters for ally week at my school next week! (yes, it’s called ally week, i know)

i’ve tried to include all of the sexualities i know of, but please let me know if all of my info is correct! also, if there are any misconceptions about a certain sexuality that annoy you, let me know and i’ll make sure to add it to the part that says “is not.” hopefully they also educate people on here who may not know/understand these!



Stunning galaxy tattoo by the talented @koray_karagozler 






have you ever seen a chicken strip



There are two kinds of people in this world.

this is my favorite post on this whole entire website


Not everyone sees the same color when they stare at this spinning disk.

The gif is called, “Benham’s disk" "is named after the English toymaker Charles Benham, who in 1895 sold a top painted with the pattern shown. When the disk is spun, arcs of pale color, called Fechner colors or pattern-induced flicker colors (PIFCs), are visible at different places on the disk. Not everyone sees the same colors."

"The phenomenon originates from neural activity in the retina and spatial interactions in the primary visual cortex, which plays a role in encoding low-level image features, such as edges and spatiotemporal frequency components."

Fascinating how our brains work, I see a brown tan, what do you see? :D

❝ I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect. ❞

- (via krng)


alone together, fall out boy

http://thegirlwiththemooglehat.tumblr.com/post/100157907700/koobaxion-man-okay-when-i-got-my-wisdom-teeth →


Man okay when I got my wisdom teeth out it was a fucking experience. Before the surgery wasn’t too interesting but as soon as I woke up I saw the nurse next to me and was all like “hey… i think… i died… and now I’m in a parallel universe… and i gotta go back to my house and kill…


this the realest post on this whole shit

Seriously I Have No Idea by Psijay

I keep forgetting to x-post this here…






A very good way of going about explaining this issue. It’s good to see something positive come from Tumblr.


And the reblog button was hit so quickly that it actually was reblogged BEFORE it was clicked

Will always reblog this.

I just like being girly. But what I like more, is having people noticing without minding. Just the fact that they’re aware of what I am and want to be without seeing anything but god old little me makes me happy, and most importantly, comfortable.


please google ‘fluffy cat’ and look at the first image result

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