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Hello, I am Jay! I’m a polysexual androgyne (they/them/their pronouns), a libertarian socialist, a capricorn, an INFP, a video game and comic book addict, a writer, an artist, a photographer, an audiophile, a gearhead, and, most boringly, a part-time cashier.



How to create a character:

  1. mash some things together until they resemble a concept
  2. release the steering wheel
  3. ??? screaming ????
  4. rescue what you can from the scene of the accident

This is actually the most accurate description of character creation I have ever read.

Word count of planning file for Inheritants: 10,456.

Word count of first draft for Inheritants: 0.

❝ anyway, whatever i guess. ❞

- me, probably, about some complex personal emotional problem  (via geeses)


You know why I love AUs? Because the whole point of them is that everything is changed, and yet these two people are still going to meet and fall in love- that they’re so set in stone and so meant to be that you can change literally everything in a hundred universes and they’ll fall in love over and over again. 


The fear of progression since the dawn of man



"what’s the worst that could happen? I’ll be TOO cool?" I say as I strap the rocket blasters to my heelys


I redid it in color. Black children are denied their innocence and childhood, even in death.


old ass ppl talk shit about my generation until they accidentally disable their wifi and cant figure out how to turn it back on

then im suddenly the mastermind of information & resources



  1. I want this story to be written
  2. I don’t want this story to be written by anyone but me
  3. I don’t want to write this story


i hate how people just expect that youre going to finish school and get an office job and meet someone and settle down and have children and a dog and drive a mazda because i dont want any of those things especially a mazda


please respect feminine non binary people.

please respect androgynous non binary people.

please respect masculine non binary people.

please always remember non binary people don’t have to dress in anyway to prove their gender identity to you.


hello everyone that needs to do their hw

do your homework!! you can do it!! after you’ve finished you can blog all you want!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK FRIEND YOU CAN DO IT


I seriously think learning the Greek Alphabet should be required for everyone before entering college

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